Plasma Premium

Information about our paid version of Plasma, Plasma Premium.

Plasma Premium is a paid version of Plasma, that offers higher uptime, higher limits, and many more features. By purchasing Premium, you allow us to continue developing Plasma & to expand into other bots & do things such as create a website and eventually a dashboard. Premium Features: Giveaway logs, Custom giveaway emoji, Custom embed colour, Able to set a suggested server to join on giveaways, Leaves, joins and membercount graphs, All limits raised: - 20 Invite, message and level ranks - 20 Active giveaways - 10 Active scheduled giveaways - 20 Active drops - 10 Blacklisted roles - 6 Bonus entry roles - 10 Bypass roles

Where can I buy Premium?

You can purchase Plasma Premium here, Premium costs $5 a month & you can redeem it in up to 3 guilds