Frequently Asked Questions!

Where can I get support for Plasma?

You can get support for Plasma in the Plasma Support discord server.

How can I add Plasma to my server?

You can invite Plasma to your server with this link. Please see Getting Started for more information.

Where can I vote for Plasma?

You can vote for Plasma on top.gg. You can find our page here. Thanks for supporting us!

What is Plasma's default prefix?

Plasma's default prefix is ., but can be changed using the [p]prefix command. See Settings for more information.

Why isn't Plasma responding to my commands?

Firstly, please check the Support Server for outages. If Plasma is not offline, please make sure you are not blacklisted from Plasma due to a violation of our TOS. If other users are able to use Plasma but you are not, you are likely blacklisted. If neither of these are true, please join the Support Server and create a new ticket.

Why is Plasma not working as expected?

Firstly, make sure Plasma has the proper permissions. Additionally, please make sure you have Manage Server permissions and that Plasma is not offline. If neither of these are true, please join the Support Server and create a new ticket.

Important: If you are the owner of the server, make sure you have at least one role with Manage Server permissions. If you have no roles, Plasma will assume you do not have the proper permissions to manage the bot.

Why can people join my giveaways without meeting the requirements?

Plasma internally tracks giveaway entries and automatically nullifies entries that do not meet the giveaway requirements. There may be error with Plasma removing reactions, but rest assured that internally, Plasma is tracking which entries count, and which don't.

Tip: At the end of a giveaway, Plasma will list how many entries were valid, and how many weren't.

What are server ranks?

Server ranks are roles that are automatically granted to users who meet a certain requirement. Invite ranks are granted after a user invites a set number of people. They are useful for setting up invite rewards or giving recognition to users who grow your server. Message ranks are granted after a user reaches a certain number of messages. They are useful for encouraging activity and recognising active members. See Server Ranks for setup information.

Why isn't Plasma granting server ranks?

Firstly, please make sure Plasma has Manage Server and Manage Roles permissions. Then, make sure the Plasma role is above the roles that you would like Plasma to give out. Finally, please run the command .ranks, and make sure the invite ranks are properly listed. If you are still experiencing a problem, please join the Support Server and create a new ticket.

How can I make use of Plasma's features without granting it Administrator Permissions?

Important: It is highly recommended that you grant Plasma Administrator permissions.

In order for Plasma to function properly, please grant the Plasma role the following permissions:

  • Manage Server

  • Manage Roles

  • Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels

  • Send Messages

  • Manage Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Use External Emojis

  • Add Reactions