Plasma Docs

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Plasma is an advanced Invite Management and Giveaway system, allowing users to effortlessly create giveaways and track invites. Users can create advanced giveaways and generate leaderboards for both invites and messages. Additionally, users can assign roles to be given out once members have invited a certain number of people to their guild.

Plasma is free to use, and there are no limits to its functionality. Plasma Premium is purely cosmetic changes, and not buying premium will not result in a worse bot.

Getting Started

he first step is to make sure Plasma is actually in your guild! You can invite Plasma to guilds you have Manage Server permissions on with this link.

By default, Plasma will ask for Administrator permissions, and it is highly recommended that you grant them. You may also customise Plasma's permissions by editing the Plasma role. See FAQ for more details on customising permissions.

Important: Giving Plasma Administrator permissions ensure functionality.


Once you have added Plasma, it will keep track of invites and messages from all users. In order to take advantage of all of Plasma's features, please configure your settings.

Tip: The default prefix for Plasma is .

Documentation Syntax

[p] - prefix [ ] - optional parameter < > - required parameter <thing1 | thing2> - select one of the given options